Pleasant Hill Community Theatre

We are a family-friendly community theater based in Pleasant Hill, Oregon serving all of Lane County. We offer a variety of high-caliber productions throughout the year.

Health/Covid Guidelines

PHCT strives to provide a safe environment for staff, students, performers, and patrons. Our health guidelines are focused on these main principles:

1. We follow the current guidelines put forth by the Oregon Health Authority and the local Pleasant Hill School District.

Current Pleasant Hill School District Guidelines

2. We take into account the unique nature of our theater space and our limited staff resources in coming up with a sensible plan that promotes a healthy environment at the theater.

3. We recognize that these guidelines are continually evolving and, as such, the PHCT board will adjust our guidelines as we deem prudent. Guidelines might adjust during the course of a production.

4. Current specific guidelines will be communicated via email to show participants and posted at the theater and on the PHCT website.

5. Staff, volunteers, students, performers, and patrons are expected to follow the PHCT guidelines.

6. The general approach to our guidelines include a) Use of face masks. b) Following current vaccination guidelines c) Personal responsibility of each participant in monitoring their own health and only coming to the theater if they are healthy.

7. PHCT endeavors to respect the privacy and personal choices of individuals while ensuring and providing for the health and safety of all who visit the theater.

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