Pleasant Hill Community Theatre

We are a family-friendly community theater based in Pleasant Hill, Oregon serving all of Lane County. We offer a variety of high-caliber productions throughout the year.

Revised 10/27/2019

1. Introduction. The board of directors of Pleasant Hill Community Theatre (PHCT) has created these guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all those who participate in theater activities. We welcome feedback from members of the theater community about these guidelines and how they serve the mission of the theater. Students and adults who choose not to follow these guidelines will be asked not to participate at the theater. The board has given careful consideration to the expectations and responsibilities listed below and has received a range of community input. Please join us in making the theater a wonderful place for the youth in our community to learn and grow.

2. Philosophy. PHCT promotes a philosophy based on Cooperation, Theatrical Excellence, Respect, and Safety. We expect all instructors, students, parents, and volunteers at PHCT to be mindful of this philosophy as we work together to make our theater a wonderful place to learn and explore.

3. Supervision. During scheduled rehearsals, classes, and performances, the students at the theater will be under adult supervision (someone over twenty-one years of age). Parents are responsible for picking their children up promptly after scheduled events. The PHCT staff is not responsible for supervising students beyond the scheduled times of classes and rehearsals. If parents have an emergency that prevents them from picking up their child in a timely manner, they are responsible for calling the theater to make necessary arrangements.

4. Student Behavior. If any student disciplinary problems arise at the theater, the student's parents will be notified in writing and by phone. Behavioral problems will be documented. Before the student can continue participation at the theater, a meeting will be held with the instructor, student, and parent to discuss the areas of concern and agree upon appropriate actions for the future. If the student continues to have disciplinary problems, they may be given a suspension from participation at the theater. If the problems persist after a suspension and reinstatement, the student will be expelled for the entire season. Examples of inappropriate behavior include violation of theater guidelines, disrespectful or threatening treatment of instructors or other students, bullying, overtly sexual activity at the theater or at theater events, and generally disruptive or dangerous behavior.

5. Adult/Parental Behavior. If a parent or adult volunteer acts in a way that is inappropriate, they will be issued a formal warning from the board and required to meet with the board to discuss the incidents that have occurred. If the individual is responsible for further inappropriate behavior, the board will have the option to take reasonable disciplinary action, including banning the individual from the theater premises, if necessary. Examples of inappropriate behavior include violation of theater guidelines, unruly behavior at the theater or at theater events, disrespectful or threatening treatment of instructors or students, disrupting classes and rehearsals, and damaging the positive spirit of the theater.

6. Rehearsal Schedules. Rehearsal schedules will be posted before each performance cycle begins. Every effort will be made to keep rehearsal times reasonable for the age-group involved. Ordinarily rehearsals will be 1-2 hours in length. Immediately prior to performances, rehearsals may be longer, but they will not exceed these lengths for any one day: k-4) 3 hours; 5-8): 4 hours; 9-12): 5 hours.

7. Confidentiality. Theatre involves working with emotions and deep personal feelings. Instructors and students are expected to respect the confidentiality of personal information that is shared with them during the activities of the theater, unless the information involves personal safety issues, in which case it should be communicated discreetly to an instructor or member of the board.

8. Representing the Theatre. When students are at the theater or participating in off-site performances and activities, they are expected to act with respect and consideration for others, and represent the theater positively and responsibly. Any inappropriate, hurtful, or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.

9. Dress. The dress code at the theater is relaxed but important. Students must wear appropriate clothing and cannot wear clothing that is offensive or overly suggestive. The directors and instructors at the theater will make the determination as to the acceptability of student's clothing. For dance classes, dance attire (no jeans) is required. This includes proper shoes. The instructors will advise students of their recommendations. This is generally the case for plays too, as they usually involve dance and a lot of creative movement.

10. Instructor Conduct. In manner and in dress instructors and directors at the theater are role models for students. In turn, the older students are role models for the younger students. All participants in the theater should consider this responsibility as it relates to their actions. Instructors are required to use appropriate behavior and discretion when interacting with students at the theater, at all times.

11. Student/Student Conflicts. If students have conflicts with other students at the theater that they cannot work out by themselves, we recommend that they discuss the problems with their current instructor or director to find a solution, and, if necessary, a board member will assist in mediating the situation.

12. Student/Instructor Conflicts. If students or parents have a conflict with a particular instructor or director, and are unable to work the problem out through communication, please contact a member of the Board of Directors immediately to work out a resolution to the problem.

13. Respect for the Landlord. The PHCT facility is owned by Pleasant Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Emerald Christian Academy. All activities carried out on the church/academy property should be done with an appropriate level of respect for the property owners.

14. Traffic and Driving Considerations. The theater is in a residential neighborhood with lots of animals and people out walking. Please observe the speed limit and be respectful. If you drive to the theater, travel at a SLOW speed while on the church/academy property as well as on Zephyr Way. We want to do our best to be respectful of our landlords as well as the neighbors who live in front of the theater. The church parking lot can be used at all times except during church services on Saturday mornings or other scheduled church functions. Please use the church lot as much as possible to avoid increased traffic by the neighbor's house. It is also safer for kids not to have so many cars coming and going.

15. Community Involvement. PHCT is a community theater. Your involvement in every aspect of the theater's operation is encouraged. All members of the Board donate their time and we encourage you to consider donating time and resources to making the theater a success. If you are unsure how you can help, please visit our website to find out what volunteer opportunities are available and see how you can help.

16. Parental Participation. We encourage parents to actively participate in the programs at the theater. Parents are more than welcome to observe rehearsals and dance classes. We ask that parents respect the limitations that the director or instructor feels is appropriate during a particular activity.

17. Payment/Refund Policies for Classes. Payments due monthly, at the first class of the month. No drop-ins. The classes are ongoing monthly classes. No refunds, except due to family emergencies or a medical condition that prohibits participation. Make-up classes are allowed at the instructor's discretion.

18. Payment/Refund Policies for Performances. A performance fee deposit (non-refundable) is due upon acceptance of a role. The balance is due one month after rehearsals begin. The exact date will be announced and posted for each performance. No refunds on fees except in the case of a family emergency or illness that prohibits participation.

19. Financial Assistance. Scholarships and financial support are available to families who have the need. Please visit our website at for an application. Applications will be kept confidential to those making the decision. Decisions for financial support will be made by the theater administrator on a case-by-case basis.

20. Parental/Legal Guardian Authorization. Children can only participate in the theater if their parent or legal guardian fills out and signs the PHCT Participation Authorization Form. This form includes contact/emergency information, a liability release, and other special instructions, related to your child.

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